Le Tigri di Mompracem
© Ivan Cangelosi,  2012
170X123 cm
Ink on paper
Technique – Handwriting of the whole novel of Emilio Salgari – Italian
Material – Pens and paper

About the novel – “Le tigri di Mompracem” is an adventure novel written by Emilio Salgari. It is one of the works part of the so-called  “Indo-Malaysian cycle” with “Sandokan” (a pirate nicknamed “The Tiger of Malaysia”) as main character. Based on this novel, a popular TV series with Kabir Bedi (Sandokan), Carole André (Marianna) and Pilippe Leroy (Yanez de Gomera) was broadcasted on the Italian Television Rai in 1976. 

Description of the picture – The woman portrayed is Marianna, the so called “Pearl of Labuan” and girlfriend of Sandokan.

The Divine Comedy – Hell
© Ivan Cangelosi,  2012
107X86 cm
Ink on paper
Technique – Handwriting of the whole book of Dante Alighieri – Lingua Volgare
Material – Pens and paper

About the Poem –  “The Divine Comedy” “is a poem by Dante Alighieri. Composed between 1304 and 1321, the Divine Comedy is considered by some critics as the greatest masterpiece of literature of all time. The poem is divided into three books called “cantiche” (Heel, Purgatory and Paradise , IT – Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso), each of which is composed of 33 lyrics (Canti) but hell who has 34.

Hell (Inferno) – The Dante’s Inferno is envisioned as a series of numbered rings which, placed tighter and tighter one after the other, give form to a sort of an inverted cone; the tightest end is entirely occupied by Lucifer. In this Hell, each circle refers to a particular sin, and each following circle is deeper and closer to Lucifer; the more serious the sin, the deeper the circle.

Description of the painting – This artwork, which is dominated by the red color (the fire of hell), is nothing more than a “stereogram”. The stereogram is a flat, two-dimensional image which gives an illusion of depth. The stereogram represented in this painting is a “random points stereogram” whose correct vision requires special techniques. By the so called “wall-eyed” technique (this technique consist of not focusing the observed object but rather focusing an imaginary point beyond the stereogram), you can view a three-dimensional spiral of concentric circles (representing the infernal circles) which extends in depth. With the technique called “cross-eyed”, you can see the aforesaid 3D spiral as coming out of the picture.”

This artwork represents the first stereogram in the world made by handwriting.

The little prince
© Ivan Cangelosi,  2012
75X65 cm
Ink on paper
Technique – Handwriting of the whole novel of Antoine de Saint-Exupery – French
Material – Pens and paper

Private collection


About the novel – Published in 1943, during the 2nd World War, the book written by the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery addresses topics such as the meaning of life and the meaning of love and friendship. The novel tells the story of several meetings that the protagonist has with some characters and on different planets and each of these strange characters leave the little prince amazed and bewildered by the strangeness of the “adults”.

The book is among the most famous literary works of the twentieth century and one of the best-selling ever.

Description of the painting – The Little Prince on his planet and his vain pink. The hat of the little prince represents the design which, in the book, the child creates and shows an adult asking him what he saw in the drawing. The adult says, “a hat” but the child points out that it is actually a snake that swallows an elephant.